Taj Mahal- the eternal epitome of love

A tour to India is incomplete without visiting the fabled Taj Mahal. This masterpiece is one of the new Seven Wonders of the World. Last October I went on a tour to three cities of India with my family. We had to spend a few days in Lucknow and Kolkata before we traveled to Delhi- the city which had witnessed several golden dynasties. Reaching there, we couldn’t resist the temptation to go to Agra where this exquisite structure is located.     –Text and images by Susan Shoili Waresi

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You are not Angelina Jolie; think again before having double mastectomy and ovaries removed


Hollywood heartthrob Angelina Jolie shook the world media when she removed both of her breasts at her age of 38 in 2013, and later on her ovaries too. She took that stern steps as she was diagnosed with ‘faulty gene’ BRCA1, which indicates 50% probability for breasts cancers in the future. She was not willing to take a chance and went under surgery knives and removed her organs thus evading future threat of cancer. Jolie’s operation later on triggered a tendency to take similar steps among women with BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes; however, in most of the cases, it is not at all a wise decision.                                                                                                         –Writers Iqbal Kabir Jahid, PhD

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A Momentary Trip to an Earthly Paradise: Venice


I read about Venice at first in Shakespeare’s famous play Marchant of Venice and later on, his tragedy Othello, in which the leading character Othello plays the role of the General in the Venetian army. Through the Shakespearean glance, I could visualize the seventeenth century Venice which was remarkable for its economic progress; a politically as well as culturally flourished city in Italy. My query was how about the authentic countenance of the twenty first century Venice? When I subsequently got a chance of having a trip to Italy, I could never think of skipping a visit to Venice.                                                                                                                                            –Writes Jakia Sultana Any

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Like a thirsty raven, I wait for you, I look at you from afar, waiting for you, lurking in the dark. Just to see you… Just for once. Just a little bit. I can wait for hours after hours. You are so beautiful. Every day I see you but every day I feel I am seeing you for the first time.                                                                                            –A short story by Momo Quazi

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37 months in a blissful East European land: Romania Part -1

As a nineteen years old teen it was beyond my imagination to travel alone to an East European country. I was blessed enough to get an excellent opportunity to study in Eastern Europe that opened a large window for me to roam around the European region. I had been in Romania for more than three years. In my childhood, I heard of this country in popular Dracula stories and liked to believe that Romania was basically a city somewhere in Italy or it might be an alternative name of the city Rome. It sounds very funny though, but I was a kid then. When I applied to study there I came to know it is a large country located in the eastern part of Europe.   — writes Jakia Sultana Any

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Delta Danube

This poem discloses the conversation between poet and the river Danube. It shows poet’s painful feeling for staying far from her beloved homeland. She begs the mighty Danube either to float her into home or submerge her into its womb. Delta Danube is composed by Jakiya Sultana Any.

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Around the world in 100 days, with a Green Passport- Part 3

Fireworks at Sydney Opera House celebrating “Australia Day” on January 26, 2018 and one of the sandy beaches in the coast line of Sydney.


There’s Nothing Like Australia…                                                                                             –Writes ZAhir Ahmed

I landed safely in Australia and another chapter of my life just started. That was for the first time I was travelling so far from home (Almost Ten Thousand KM). In this entire tour, I didn’t consider myself as a full-time bag-packer rather a person who loves to travel and meet people. So in those days, I would not stay at hotels or hostels rather stayed with my relatives and friends and there were two reasons behind this: First, I didn’t have that much money to cater myself in a hotel or Airbnb for 100 days. Second, I wanted to know how my fnf (friends and family) were doing in the foreign land. I didn’t want to miss this unique opportunity to stay at their places and learn about culture and lifestyle from them.

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Get lost in Nijhum Dwip, an unforgettable island

Would you like to play with wild deer? Walk along endless, virgin sea shore? Hear the chattering and twitting of migratory birds? Get lost in a mangrove forest? Enjoy a boat ride on the vast sea? Taste local fish fries? If your answer is yes to all those questions, you should visit Nijhum Dwip, or ‘Silent Island’ if translated in English, a cluster of islands in the Bay of Bengal.                               –Images by Mohammad Mahiuddin and Text by Ameet Ghosh.  

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Practice fasting, cleanse your body, live 100 years

A typical Muslim ifter comprising light foods including fruits, dates and samuchas.

Do you want to live 100 years? Are you a food lover for whom eating is a passion? Unfortunately the two cannot go hand to hand. Studies have proved that you should not fill up your stomach with all the delicious food you like if you want to live longer, much longer than an average human being. When we talk about longer life, we generally take 100 years for granted as a benchmark for a longer lifespan, but achieving it seems impossible as it involves sacrifice to all our favorite dishes and also to starve. And here comes the importance of fasting, a religions practice gradually being scientifically recognized as a fantastic way of life. Besides, maintaining a modest and healthy diet is also a very good way for a longer lifespan.                                                                                                    —Writes Iqbal Kabir Jahid, PhD

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Can over hygiene lifestyle trigger childhood leukemia?

Leukemia or commonly known as Blood Cancer could be easily categorized as one of the most frightening diseases in the world. For parents, leukemia could be the worst possible nightmare that can ever happen to their child. Then how can you possibly keep your children safe from Leukemia? Would you keep them free from germs ensuring a completely sterile environment? Do you really think that would protect your little ones from the deadly disease? However, in a matter of fact, some researchers suggest otherwise.                            –Writes Iqbal Kabir Jahid, PhD

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Around the world in 100 days, with a Green Passport- Part 2

Twist and turn, here I come…                                                                                     

In the end of 2017, my grandfather, who was a reputed District Judge in the British, Pakistani era and also later in sovereign Bangladesh, died at the age of 99. His death gave me another reason to think twice about my life, which I was living comfortably. I asked myself if it is just is an easy-going, comfortable living all that I want from life? Or is there something else—bigger, even larger than life, I need to do before the final call.    –Continues ZAhir Ahmed                                                                           

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How can a small woman defeat a big guy?

Amidst the growing unrest and violence throughout the world, safely of women is at stake. Women, regardless of age, ethnicity or appearance, are frequently been physically and sexually harassed almost in every corner of the globe. They are not safe in their houses, schools, on streets and even on public transports and they are being abused by strangers, husbands and neighbors. Unfortunately, women are not safe anywhere; abuse of women is common from the remotest, underdeveloped countries to the first world nations. And when this is the scenario, women should learn to protect themselves rather than being cynical and helpless. However, it is not possible for every woman to lean Karate or Kung Fu because mastering these arts are lengthy and laborious process and not everyone can do it.  But what if, you are just a regular woman and you are not tall, or big or strong and unfortunately you have been attacked by a big man. Does that mean you would yield to the situation without a fight? The answer is a big ‘No way.’ But let’s be practical, how can you beat a huge man when you are small? If you want to know, please read this post attentively.

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Some tips to make family dinner more effective for better bonding

Modern people are always on a rush and most of them even don’t get the chance to be at home for supper. There was a time almost all the families used to eat at least breakfast together. Nowadays, people are always late for office and school, and they simply can’t/don’t make some time to have a decent breakfast, in cool head, with his family. I personally believe you can have better bond with your spouse and children if you manage time to eat at least one meal with your family every day. However, this article is not about the benefits of eating meals together as I guess everybody knows the benefits already rather it is about how you can make your family meals more effective for a better bonding.   

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Around the world in 100 days, with a Green Passport–Part 1

A guy with a green passport…                                                                                                     (Update of part 1)

Life is short but we should never ease to make it big and memorable. Life is also dynamic and you never know what sheer turn you might come across; it can take you to places you have only dreamt about or can make you to live in a shithole for years. And that is why life is so charming because it is full of surprises. The first four months of 2018 in my life were full of amazement with an escalating 360 degree around the world trip covering five countries— Malaysia, Australia, the United States, Mexico and Canada, somewhat UAE. In this series write-up, I am going to chronicle the unforgettable trip from its beginning to the end.                                                         —writes ZAhir Ahmed  

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10 most prestigious scholarships for international students

If you are bright, talented and with an excellent academic track record, you might try out one of the following scholarships offered by different states and renowned universities. These scholarships are considered the bests in the world of academia and are also generally highly paid. Don’t waste your time, apply for one of the scholarships and change your life, if you can land one.

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Juice up your married life by keeping silence

Some say that regular and lengthy conversations between husband and wife somewhat reduces conjugal tensions. But I say it is rather silence that actually ensures a healthy marital life. The key thing you have to know is when to talk and when to remain silent. And if you can practice that properly, you would surely be able to juice up your wearisome relationship with your spouse.

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Ladakh: where the sky meets the mountains

Ladakh is an unforgettable place where the mountains kiss the sky, and ancient palaces and monasteries leaves a visitor speechless. If you are planning a trip to India, don’t forget to visit Ladakh, a cold desert in the Jammu and Kashmir region having Leh as the capital city.  There are many places you can visit in Ladakh including Nubra Valley, Shanti Stupa, Pangong Lake and Tsomoriri Lake.                               –Text and images by Ameet Ghosh.

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